Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pismo Beach

Jeff and I managed one last Pismo Beach adventure with the Packers before Nate leaves for his mission to Everett, Washington in two weeks.

It was super fun and full of great memories of all the years we did this trip!
My faithful quad
Nate and John Packer

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Highlights of 2008...odds and ends

A huge highlight for me this year has been getting to watch my nephews play water polo. They live in the Bay Area, and they came down for tournaments. That's Evan (12) up above, and Graham (16) below.

Lauren completed the six year program for Young Women at our church,
and received her recognition medallion.

A great old friend, Angie Miller, visited us from Tennessee, and we all fell in love with her two daughters, Sage and Bailey.

Another San Onofre Summer

Tim Barber, Jeff, Derek Fisher (3 big boys and their boards)
Ann and Brody watching REALLY BIG late night waves crash
John Money

Kawika Tarayao

Singles Ward Kids come down to surf every Friday



We visited the big island of Hawaii last week. I was so excited to go and see the Kilauea Volcano, which has had a huge vent going since late March! It was the best! We walked deep into a lava tube and had lots of fun exploring the national park.
Lauren and Margot Money
Ann and Brody Ann swimming with the dolphins!

Ann and Brody diving on The Kona Coast

Swinging Bridge

Picnic in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Families can be together forever

In the crater

Graduation Day

Lauren's High School Graduation

June 2008

Newport Harbor High School

California Coastline

A Fun Getaway!Santa Barbara
The sand dunes at Pismo Beach

Jeff and I got a chance to drive up the California Coast in June--we took our bikes in the back of our truck, and had a blast stopping and riding whenever we wanted to!


April In Paris

During Spring Break Jeff, Lauren and I went to Paris. Brody and Ann were already in Europe on business, and they met us and stayed an extra week to sight see with us.
We all had a grand time!

Imitating the park gypsies at the Louvre
A few times, while walking around in the park by the Louvre, a gypsy would suddenly bend down and pick up a gold ring in our path and ask if it was ours, and then offer to "return" it to us for a reward. This is a very common Paris scam. Anyway, one day I found three little gypsies of my own.

Water Polo Champions

2008 began with a bang, with Lauren's water polo team at Newport Harbor High School winning the CIF Division I Championship in February! This was a great payoff for years of hard work and dedication!
Lauren jumping in the pool after the victory with her Coach, Bill Barnett
Lauren is in the back row, middle-ish