Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Naval Academy Graduation

We went to Annapolis in late May to see John Money graduate from the Naval Academy. It was such a great week of patriotic festivities! After the graduation, it was fun to see him being saluted as an officer.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pismo Beach

Oh, how we love Pismo Beach. A family favorite for years, we have so many great memories of being there with friends and family. This year we joined some of the young single adults from the Newport Coast Ward on a weekend trip they had planned. We had so much fun and are so grateful that we got to make a new memory of an old favorite!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

San Diego Excursion

Jeff and Lauren and I went to San Diego while she was home from BYU. She has gone with friends to a great dessert place down there, and wanted to share it with us. It was right next to Balboa Park, and we visited the Automotive Museum while we were there. It was a beautiful day for a drive down the coast and we had a blast!

A Great Birthday Week!

I had the best birthday ever on March 3rd! First, the day started with my seminary class surprising me with a party--they had posted Happy Birthday signs on street lights and traffic signs all the way from my house to the church. Then there was a trail of signs from where I park to the door. They all arrived and waited outside until everyone was there, and then came in singing--they brought treats and drinks---it was so fun---I love them so much!

In the afternoon, Ann and I went up to Disneyland --they are giving free admission on your birthday in 2009! Since I already have a pass, I received a gift card for the admission cost---$69. I bought a Monorail Set with the gift card--very fun!

We had a great time!We went out to Pomodoro for dinner, and then enjoyed a delicious birthday cake! Lauren baked me a beautiful 4-layer strawberry cake--she was home for several days after mid-terms at BYU. The best seminary class ever? Disneyland? Gourmet Cake? All my family? It was one great birthday! THANKS EVERYONE!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun With The Singles Ward!

Jeff and I joined the Newport Coast Singles Ward Friday night for another camping trip. We went to Joshua Tree National Park again, and this time our camping spot was even more beautiful than the one we were in last November. The sky was full of a million stars and the weather was great. Jeff always sets up the most comfy tent for us. About 60 people came out ---Saturday morning after Burt Tarayao cooked a fabulous Hawaiian breakfast half the people went rockclimbing and half went shooting. It was a blast! We love the singles ward so much!

This is our tent at Indian Cove Campground

Burt made a delicious breakfast

Rockclimbing was available right at the campsite!

Setting up targets to shoot at

Your view (if you are an unlucky target!)

Dave Streiff (ward clerk) supervised the shooting

Jeff with a 22 Rifle

Me with my new 22 cowgirl revolver

Monday, December 29, 2008

Camping in Glamis!

The day after Christmas Jeff and I took my quad and his motorcycle out to Glamis with The Fisher Family--Derek, Gwen, Andrew, Brendan and Cole. We had a great time riding on the sand dunes and shooting guns. It was super-cold at night (in the 30's) and we were happy that our camping equipment was up to the task. We had a great time!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Been Elfed!

One of my seminary students thought it was high time to show off my dancing skills. Also starring Cody Tuma, David Livingston, Katie and Shannon McCormick. Good stuff.