Friday, March 6, 2009

A Great Birthday Week!

I had the best birthday ever on March 3rd! First, the day started with my seminary class surprising me with a party--they had posted Happy Birthday signs on street lights and traffic signs all the way from my house to the church. Then there was a trail of signs from where I park to the door. They all arrived and waited outside until everyone was there, and then came in singing--they brought treats and drinks---it was so fun---I love them so much!

In the afternoon, Ann and I went up to Disneyland --they are giving free admission on your birthday in 2009! Since I already have a pass, I received a gift card for the admission cost---$69. I bought a Monorail Set with the gift card--very fun!

We had a great time!We went out to Pomodoro for dinner, and then enjoyed a delicious birthday cake! Lauren baked me a beautiful 4-layer strawberry cake--she was home for several days after mid-terms at BYU. The best seminary class ever? Disneyland? Gourmet Cake? All my family? It was one great birthday! THANKS EVERYONE!

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